“Male Kind” Eggs

As some of you reading this may know, there has been a video and discussion doing the rounds on the internet about how male chicks are killed at birth by the egg industry. What happens is that when the old batch of egg laying hens are retired from egg production, they need to be replaced by new hens. A male chicken is introduced to the flock so fertilized eggs are lain and the eggs are incubated and hatched. At this point the chicks are sorted into two groups, male and female. The female chicks go on to become egg layers whilst the male chicks are KILLED. The guidelines say they should be gassed but the video and discussion has suggested often their deaths are much more horrific.

Here is a piece on this in The Independent

Here is a Guardian piece about Ethical Eggs

To stop this cruelty I am proposing a new kind of category of egg. At the moment we have categories such as caged, barn raised and free range. Perhaps the new category could be called “male kind”. What would it entail? Well, in “male kind” eggs, the male chicks are not killed but kept alive!

What is done with them then? Well, they are moved to a farm where they can roam free and live a free range life! They are simply left to live. They will be fed, watered and given shelter in the same way a normal free range laying hen would be!

Wont this be expensive?  A little. I think that there are approximately as many male chicks born as females so for every female chicken that is housed and fed there would have to be a male chicken housed and fed. This should almost exactly double the price! that’s all.

I think an egg at double the price of a normal egg, but where you know that no chicks are cruelly killed to produce it would be so worth it.

If you feel the same then please sign my petition Sign here


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